Gates “What Makes Engineers Tick” 2017 Survey Results

In celebration of National Engineers Week 2017, we’d like to share the results of our annual “What Makes Engineers Tick” results. If you’re like us, you love seeing how your responses match up to your fellow engineers. Enjoy!

Primary Professional Concern

QUESTION: What is the primary professional concern that keeps you up at night?

25% said “Staying on top of ever-advancing technology” is the #1 concern.

Design Considerations

QUESTION: Besides the product’s purpose, what do you consider first when creating a new design?

40% said “All must be considered equally.”

Job Security & Vulnerability

QUESTION: When it comes to job security, what makes you feel most vulnerable?

40% said “Keeping my skills up-to-date” and 39% said “The fickle economy.”

Importance of Safety in Design

QUESTION: Which of the statements below most clearly reflects how you feel about safety when beginning a design?

75% said “Safety is always top of mind.”

Significant Safety Considerations

QUESTION: When designing with safety in mind, which factor do you regard as most significant?

27% said “Intensity of stress concentrations.”

Most Helpful Resources

QUESTION: Which of these resources do you find most helpful? (Please select the top three.)

52% said “Vendor or manufacturer websites.”

Most Used Device

QUESTION: Which device do you use most often to access the above resources?

54% said “Desktop computer.”

Product/Services Resources

QUESTION: Where do you turn to get information on products/services related to your designs? (Choose all that apply.)

68% said “Vendor or manufacturer websites.”

Size of Engineer Teams

QUESTION: How many engineers do you typically work with on a project?

35% work with “1-2 other engineers.”

Highest Level of Education

QUESTION: What’s your highest level of completed education?

60% have a Bachelor’s degree.

College Major

QUESTION: What was your major(s) in college/university? (Fill in the blank)

43% studied “Mechanical Engineering.”

Age Range

QUESTION: What is your age range?

43% are 55+ years old.

Gates Products Usage

QUESTION: Do you use any of Gates products as a part of your current design projects? (Choose all that apply.)

60% work with Gates belt drive systems.


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