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How do you design a more compact belt drive system that weighs less, puts less strain on costlier components, and reduces maintenance, time, and expense? Partner with Gates and discover how our leading industrial power transmission solutions—including synchronous belts, V-belts, specialty belts, made-to-order metals, and product application engineering—allow you to minimize risk and cost while gaining a marketable advantage. Take your drive designs and company to the next level with Gates.

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Switching from double-notch style belts to Gates Dubl-V feather picker belts can reduce your belt, maintenance, and downtime costs.

Try our easy-to-use calculator to identify the correct tension for your high-performing, flexible Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt.

Switching from linear modular chain to Gates PosiClean® belting can reduce maintenance, energy, water, disposal, and energy costs.

Switching to Gates synchronous belt drives could reduce your operation's energy, maintenance, and downtime costs. Use our calculator to estimate your potential savings.

Improve your PowerGrip® belt drive efficiency by calculating proper belt center distance, tension force, and more.

In celebration of National Engineers Week 2017, we'd like to share the results of our annual "What Makes Engineers Tick" results. If you're like us, you'll love seeing how your responses match up to your fellow engineers.

Maximize Your Drive Designs E2E Live Forum

Engineer-to-Engineer Live Forum

As part of our goal to continue offering design engineers like you relevant tools, tips, and information, we're sharing our latest Engineer-to-Engineer Live Forum here. Please tune in now to watch Gates engineer and drive design expert Michelle Davis illustrate how to "Maximize Your Drive Designs" using Gates Design Flex? Pro? Software in this brief 20-minute video.

Submit a completed?Drive Conversion Worksheet?and Gates product application engineers will send you a recommendation based on your needs. Whether you're converting an existing drive or designing a new system, we'll find you the ideal drive solution.

Optimize Your Drives Live Forum

Engineer-to-Engineer Live Forum

As part of a new series, Gates held an Engineer-to-Engineer Live Forum called Optimize Your Drives: 3 Power Transmission Tips for Peak Performance. Check out this recorded version to see what Gates engineer and drive design expert Tim Taylor recommends.

Download our useful DFMEA Cheat Sheet to streamline your V-belt drive design process. This DFMEA allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint potential reliability problems early in the development cycle, identify actions to mitigate failures, and eliminate future belt drive downtime and maintenance.

Download our useful DFMEA Cheat Sheet to streamline your synchronous belt drive design process. This DFMEA allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint potential reliability problems in your drive, identify actions to mitigate failures, and eliminate or control common design flaws.

Discover how proper installation and maintenance will optimize your drive performance, reduce costly downtime, and increase production with Gates® Belt Drive Preventive Maintenance Manual. Ideal for facility personnel responsible for power transmission equipment, this manual also covers drive problems and solutions, drive inspection and installation, safety and performance, belt storage and handling, troubleshooting, and more.

Access our 2015 Power Transmission Product Catalog for easy reference and access to industry-leading synchronous belts and V-belts, tension testers, bushings, idlers, and more. Gates has every power transmission product you need to design better drives, increase drive performance, and decrease costly downtime and maintenance.

Belt I.D. Chart

Quick Chart

Access our handy Belt I.D. Chart for easy-to-read images, sizing, specifications, product I.D. numbers, and more. Gates offers an extensive range of belts?from V-belts to synchronous belts?to meet your design needs.

Play out all of your "what if" scenarios in minutes. Design two-point synchronous or V-belt drives?then print, email, or create PDFs of your design specifications with ease. Do it in different languages to meet your market's needs.

Download our "How Belt Drives Impact Overhung Load" white paper and learn how to calculate overhung load (OHL) and keep it within design limits to extend the life of your equipment, shafts, and bearings. See how Gates Poly Chain® synchronous belt drives can help.

Access our "Selecting the Right Components for Harsh Environments" white paper and discover cutting-edge solutions and product recommendations for increased ROI on your hydraulic hose assemblies and belt drive systems within extreme operating environments, such as oilfield, mining, marine, aggregate, and more.

Download our "Energy Savings from Synchronous Belts" white paper and discover how Reichhold, Inc., a global supplier to the composite and coatings industries, converted to Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon® belt drives, saving over $34,000 in maintenance and energy costs.

Get our "Designing Drives for a Competitive Edge" white paper and learn how two field retrofits led to better performing, more competitive drive designs by converting to Gates Poly Chain® GT® synchronous belt drive systems. One bottling facility saved $330,000 per year, while another manufacturing plant cut downtime, maintenance, and costs substantially.

Top Belt Drive Products

Choose from a Range of Gates Belt Drive Solutions

Synchronous Belts

Gates synchronous belt drives are toothed belts in mesh with grooved pulleys or sprockets that enable energy savings, reducing maintenance, costs, and downtime. Top performers include Poly Chain® GT® Carbon® Belts, the PowerGrip® GT®3 Belts, and the industry-leading static conductive Poly Chain® Carbon® Volt™ Belt.

Heavy-Duty V-Belts

Nearly 100 years ago Gates invented the V-belt, constructed with flex-bonded tensile cords, to outperform and outlast competitive products. V-belt offerings include Micro-V® Belts, Super® HC Belts, and Predator® V-Belts, which hold up in demanding environments and applications, such as oilfield, lumber mills, and rock crushers.

Light-Duty V-Belts

Suitable for all industrial light-duty applications, these belts mostly use fractional horsepower (FH) motors and provide high-performance construction for more horsepower, less stretch, and longer service life, and include PoweRated® V-Belts, Truflex® V-Belts, and Polyflex® Belts.

Gates Specialty Belts

Gates offers premium synchronous belts and V-belts specially designed for equipment and machines in a wide range of environments, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and fitness equipment—and can even be found inside Redbox® machines. Specialty belts include Micro-V® Belts, PowerGrip® GT® Twin Power® Belts, PosiClean® Belts, and Synchro-Power® Polyurethane Belts. Talk to us about available sizes, constructions, and tooth profiles, and we'll help you find the right custom solution for your application.

Made-to-Order Metals

When standard products won't work, Gates made-to-order metals are the perfect solution for your power transmission or belt drive applications. Our designers specialize in providing custom and one-off manufacturing for prototype and production pulleys, sheaves, and sprockets in a variety of bores, styles, materials, and finishes. No order is too small. Same-day delivery is available on select parts.

Product Application Engineering

How can Gates help you optimize the performance of your design with premium belt drive solutions? We’d be happy to show you. Contact us today.