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Where can you find high-performance hydraulic and industrial hose systems that excel under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments? Turn to Gates to outfit your designs, and choose from a comprehensive line of top-quality hydraulic and industrial hose, couplings, crimpers, and equipment. These products are designed to work together, so you can be sure your new fluid power assembly will run efficiently. Whether your end-user customers are drilling offshore, mining 300-feet underground, growing the food we eat, or transporting goods across the country, Gates will help you design systems that ensure reliability while reducing maintenance time and expense.

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Understanding your air flow issues can help you reduce maintenance, eliminate hose malfunctions, avoid costly downtime, and improve efficiency. Use our calculator to identify potential air flow issues in your hose assembly.

Enter information about your hose, fittings, flow rate, and fluid properties to identify fluid flow issues in your hose assembly.

Replacing threaded wire-braid connectors with Gates Quick-Lok™ threadless couplings helps eliminate leaks and increase efficiency. Enter information about your current costs to calculate your potential savings.

Gates iLok couplings connect in seconds and disconnect in under two minutes. Enter information about your operation and receive a free report that shows how much you could save by replacing your current staple-lock couplings with Gates iLok couplings.

Learn how much you can save by switching from a hose fabricator to an in-house Gates crimper. Enter information about your hose assemblies to get started.

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Find the right hose for your application, and create a product list to take to your Gates distributor for a faster, more streamlined buying experience.

In celebration of National Engineers Week 2017, we'd like to share the results of our annual "What Makes Engineers Tick" results. If you're like us, you'll love seeing how your responses match up to your fellow engineers.

If you work in a harsh environment like oil drilling, you know how demanding the elements can be on your hose assemblies. That?s why you?ll want to watch this video on Gates Black Gold? Oilfield Service 400D with UltraBrasion??the industry?s most abrasion- and weather-resistant hose.

It only takes one hose-related incident on an oil drilling rig to shut down your entire operation. In the Oil & Gas industry that can mean millions of dollars in lost production, not to mention damage to equipment and possible injury to one of your employees.

If you're looking for high-performance hydraulic hose assembly solutions that excel in the harshest environments like oil & gas, mining, or agriculture, look no further.

So many industrial hoses, so many applications. Whether you?re transferring steam, petroleum, corrosive chemicals, or edible products, you want to make sure you select the best hose for the job.

Access our interactive hose products catalog to quickly access Gates hose, couplings, and adapters. Search for and determine the correct product number in three easy ways?by product attributes, technical attributes and parameters, or by product images.

Read how to select the proper hose and materials to increase hose life, improve performance, ensure safety, and save you money. Even one unexpected hose failure can damage equipment, stop production, and even cause injury or death.

Understand the importance of preventive maintenance and safety procedures for maintaining long-lasting hydraulic assemblies with our Hydraulic Maintenance & Safety Pocket Guide. If not properly maintained, these assemblies can cause premature hose failure and blowouts, resulting in equipment downtime, possible equipment damage, personal injury and even death.

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Make it easy on yourself. Get our innovative app to access the most up-to-date crimp specifications on hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. With just a few taps, you'll have all the specs you need to outfit your customers' assemblies.

Access our white paper, "Assortment of Hoses, Couplings, Industry Standards Requires a Hydraulic Systems Approach," to understand the importance of matching OE hoses and couplings from the same manufacturer based on SAE recommendations.

Download our "Understanding Hydraulic Hose Reinforcement" white paper to gain a better understanding of SAE specs for both wire braid and spiral wire, and read about Gates M-XP? hydraulic hose?a two-braid wire hose that can withstand 1,000,000 impulse cycles.

Learn how to choose the right hydraulic hose assembly equipment that can actually withstand the high pressure and temperatures associated with compact mobile applications. Discover product solutions that will keep your equipment up and running, reducing maintenance and downtime all while increasing your ROI.

Access "Today's Advanced Hose and Hydraulic Systems" white paper and discover innovative, systems-approach solutions for your hydraulic challenges?and why mismatching components from different manufacturers can make or break your bottom line.

Access our "Selecting the Right Components for Harsh Environments" white paper and discover cutting-edge solutions and product recommendations for increased ROI on your hydraulic hose assemblies and belt drive systems within extreme operating environments, such as oilfield, mining, marine, aggregate, and more.

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Hydraulic & Industrial Hose

As tools and technologies advance, modern fluid power systems are under greater pressure than ever before to perform safely, precisely, and efficiently. From oilfield and mining, to mobile equipment and marine, Gates hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies are designed to excel even under the toughest conditions. Solutions such as Wire Braid Hose with MegaTuff® Cover, our Black Gold® Xtreme™ 16C Choke & Kill Hose, and MegaSys® Spiral-Wire Constant Pressure Hose rise to the challenge.

Hydraulic Couplings & Accessories

For the highest level of performance and safety, experts recommend against mixing and matching hoses from one manufacturer and couplings from another. That’s why Gates recommends taking a systems approach. We design our hydraulic hose and couplings to work together safely and efficiently—under any conditions. Along with our industry-leading MegaCrimp™ Couplings, iLok™ Couplings, and TuffCoat XTreme™ Plated Couplings, we also offer hydraulic hose crimpers, saws, cutters, and more to help create long-lasting hydraulic assemblies.

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How can Gates help you optimize the performance of your design with premium hose or hydraulic solutions? We’d be happy to show you. Contact us today.

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