Bottling Conveyor Boon Case Study

How One Brewery Virtually Eliminated Maintenance

Problem: Excessive Downtime Due to Roller Chain Upkeep

A bottle conveyor at a brewery was struggling with constant downtime due to recurrent maintenance on an unreliable roller chain drive, specifically a #80 roller chain drive. The DriveR operated off a 3 hp motor at 1725 RPM. The chain was always wet from beer spills, which necessitated constant lubrication, cleaning, and maintenance. Chain links and sprocket teeth were also breaking causing costly repair every three months. This brewery was losing time, money, and productivity due to the excessive downtime.

Solution: Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Drive

Realizing they needed something more reliable than a roller chain drive, the brewery converted to Gates a Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ drive (DriveR – 14MX-60S-68 DriveN – 14MX-48S-68 Belt – 14MGT-2100-68). The ideal roller chain alternative, the Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon drive is designed for maximum performance and delivers on its promise. This polyurethane, synchronous belt:

  • Provides a maintenance-free drive
  • Outlasts roller chain 3-to-1
  • Accommodates the use of backside idlers
  • Offers compact drive components for versatility in drive designs

The Gates system is running substantially longer than the roller chain drive and still looks new. Without the need for lubrication, maintenance costs were virtually eliminated. This has saved time, money, and headaches!

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