Stellar Industries Custom Solution

How One Manufacturer Reduced Its Hose Spend by 9%

Problem: Identify Opportunities for Improved Efficiencies in a Hydraulic System

Stellar Industries, located in Garner, Iowa, makes a variety of hydraulic truck mounted equipment. Since 1993, Stellar Industries has been manufacturing custom-built tire service trucks used by commercial, agricultural and OTR (Off-the-Road) tire dealers. The Stellar® 28000 OTR is one of the largest models of these truck mounted tire manipulators, used to change the tires on large, off-road vehicles. The crane has a lifting capacity of 28,000 lbs at 10 feet and 16,500 lbs at 15 feet with manipulator attached. The hydraulic circuit on this tire manipulator included approximately 50 hose assemblies, representing several hundred feet of hose.

Through Motion Industries, a Gates distributor, Stellar engineers became curious about what would result from re-plumbing the tire manipulator with more flexible hose from Gates, even though they had not been experiencing any significant problems with the existing hydraulic assemblies. Gates offered to re-engineer the hydraulic circuit on one piece of equipment as a demonstration, and Stellar agreed.

Solution: Reduced Bill of Materials (BOM) Costs by 9% 

Motion Industries brought a trailer full of parts and a mobile workshop out to Stellar’s manufacturing facility and set up shop. Working from an existing Bill of Materials (BOM) and hydraulic circuit diagrams, Mike Bennett, Gates District Sales Manager, created a new BOM specifying Gates M2T® MegaFlex® 2-wire braid hose and Gates MegaSys® M3K® 1-wire braid hose.  Gates MegaFlex M2T hose has smaller exterior dimensions and a significantly tighter bend radius than comparable SAE 100R16 hoses. And Gates MegaSys M3K hose is even more flexible, with the ability to bend up to one-third the SAE bend radius specification.

These highly flexible Gates hoses offered Stellar several advantages:

  • Save on overall hose assembly length
  • Facilitate easier routing in tight spaces
  • Make hose installation easier
  • Extend lie in bending, flexing applications

When the BOM was complete, Stellar had a comprehensive hose kit for the hydraulic circuit on the Stellar 28000 OTR, which was used to re-plumb the equipment.

Because the new hose kit used Gates highly flexible hydraulic hose, it required approximately 50 feet less hose than was previously needed. Using less hose reduced the cost of the BOM by approximately 9%. Stellar is now in the process of converting additional equipment to Gates hydraulic hose.

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