Surface Mining Case Study

How One Surface Mining Company Cut Costs and Downtime

Problem: Lack of Replacement Inventory

This particular surface mine was becoming increasingly frustrated with its supplier’s lack of proper replacement inventory. The supplier in question did not stock the proper thread-end terminations to maintain the mine’s equipment, causing excessive downtime. The mine also feared an increase in liability due to complicated hose-build specs that could lead to safety risks and errors in the assembly process.

Solution: Gates Quick-PIC® and AIM® Inventory Tools

With access to the Gates Quick-PIC® and AIM® inventory management systems, the mine could stock the right parts quickly and easily while reducing inventory costs. Plus, Gates MegaTuff® hose products offered a revolutionary, hassle-free solution to the problem of abrasion, allowing for a longer service life and less high-cost hose replacement. These benefits helped the customer save even more money.

Overall, the Gates conversion eliminated 20% of the mine’s inventory costs by covering the customer’s equipment needs with fewer families of couplings.

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