Industrial Hose, Couplings & Equipment Catalog


So many industrial hoses, so many applications. Whether you’re transferring steam, petroleum, corrosive chemicals, or edible products, you want to make sure you select the best hose for the job. With Gates new Industrial Hose, Couplings + Equipment Catalog, we?ve come up with a revolutionary naming system called Efficiency Engineered. Using intuitive names, colors, and icons, you?ll learn how to:

  • Select the proper industrial hose and couplings to reduce hose failure or leaks, downtime, or lost production
  • Use Gates STAMPED methodology for easy selection of multi-purpose hoses by Size, Temperature, Application, Material convened, Pressure, End requirements and Delivery
  • How to implement a scheduled inspection and preventive maintenance program to keep your industrial hose assemblies in peak performance

Download our new Industrial Hose, Couplings + Equipment Catalog today to easily access our industry-leading hose, couplings, and crimpers to help optimize your industrial hose system for maximum uptime and output.