Oilfield Hose, Couplings & Equipment Catalog


It only takes one hose-related incident on an oil drilling rig to shut down your entire operation. In the Oil & Gas industry that can mean millions of dollars in lost production, not to mention damage to equipment and possible injury to one of your employees. Download Gates Oilfield Hose, Couplings & Equipment Catalog to discover:

  • Our full line of industry-leading hydraulic hose, industrial hose, and belt drive products, equipment, and accessories designed specifically for oilfields
  • Our premium Engineering & Services that provides oilfield products and support services to minimize downtime and increase safety
  • Why preventive maintenance is especially important in identifying component weaknesses before failure and loss of production occur
  • Our free Safe Hydraulics? Safety Training and Safety Connections? Trainings we offer to help safety managers and employees work safely and efficiently

Whatever you need, Gates expert engineers will help you find the best solution to keep your oilfield operations up and running at full potential.